About JET Systems


The inception of JET Systems came to fruition from Certified Master Trainer, Joe Ellis Jr. As a Master Trainer, Joe has worked with thousands of athletes from Youth, Middle School, High School, Collegiate to Professional athletes. 

Joe possesses certifications as a Speed Development Coach, Strength & Conditioning, Certified Fitness Trainer, Exercise Therapist, Nutritionist, and a Senior Fitness Trainer. Over the course of his career, Joe has tried practically every piece of performance training equipment on the market in order to help take his clients to the next level. After being disappointed with the quality of what was being offered on the market, Joe sought out to find a solution. Standing for Joe Ellis Training Systems, JET Systems is a curated collection of proven and durable performance equipment that helps athletes reach their fullest potential. 

As the founder/owner of Fury Performance Academy in Woodstock, GA, Joe and his team have tested, improved and refined the JET Systems product line by putting our gear through testing from competitive high-level male and female athletes. Founded in 2012, Fury Performance & Instruction has become one of the most renowned and respected Performance training facilities in the County. As a one the industry's heavily sought-after Performance Coaches in the Industry, Joe's roster of clients include MLB, MFL, NBA and hundreds of competitive men and women competing in a wide spectrum of Sports.  

As a retired Marine, who served his country for twenty years, Joe has implemented everything he has learned in the Marine Corps in mentoring his clients and teammates in reaching their fullest potential, both on the field and in life.

As a tribute to the military roots of JET Systems, our logo colors reflect the same colors of the United States Marine Corps. With that being said, thank you for visiting JET Systems and we look forward to helping you take your game to the next level.